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KeyPlex 350 5 Gallon Jug

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Product Description

KeyPlex 350 is a unique formulation of high-grademicronutrients, yeast hydrolysate, humic acid andalpha-keto acids. This proprietary blend is soeffective in the management of plant diseasesand environmental stress it is registered as abiopesticide. (EPA Registration Number 73512-1)

  • Requires 1-2 quarts/acre Vegetables and Field Crops
  • Requires 2 OZ/1000 sq. ft. Turf and Small Fruits
  • Requires 2-3 quarts/acre Citrus and other tree fruits and nuts

Please view the Detailed Description or Click Here for a full spec. sheet.

Click Here for a full spec. sheet and usage rates.

  • Requires 1-2 quarts/acre Vegetables and Field Crops
  • Requires 2 OZ/1000 sq. ft. Turf and Small Fruits
  • Requires 2-3 quarts/acre Citrus and other tree fruits and nuts

KeyPlex 350 is completely nontoxic to the plant andthe environment, as a matter of fact, it ¿s completelybiodegradable. It does not kill or poison any pestor disease. The way it works is very similar to usgetting a vaccination. The ingredients in KeyPlex350 work by eliciting or increasingcertain cell enzymes, which act asan immune system in the plant,making them more resistantto disease and environmentalstress. This response inplants has become knownas SAR (Systemic AcquiredResistance) or the processis called ISR (InducedSystemic Resistance).

KeyPlex has a 29 year historyin the agricultural communityand is a world leader in thedevelopment of advanced planthealth technology, KeyPlexproducts are utilized in all areasof plant growth and production,including nurseries, tree farms,sod farms, golf courses, sportsturf, landscape, greenhouseproduction, fruits, vegetables andcertified organic production.

The main attributes of KeyPlex 350 are as follows:

  • Micronutrients
    KeyPlex products are formulated using the purestmicronutrient sources available. This eliminatesundesirable heavy metal contaminants such aslead, arsenic, mercury, etc.
  • Chelating Agent
    Secondary and micronutrients are chelated(key-late-ed) with glucoheptonate. Glucoheptonateis a mild organic chelating agent which acts tokeep the micronutrients unbound or free for useby the plant. The addition of this agent allows easyassimilation and utilization of the micronutrients bythe plant.
  • Metabolic Intermediates
    KeyPlex products are also unique because theycontain alpha-keto acids. Alpha-keto acids arefound in nature as part of the metabolic processcalled the Krebs¿ Cycle. The addition of alphaketoacids to KeyPlex products supports thedevelopment of amino acids which are essentialto plant growth. It is also believed that alpha-ketoacids stimulate the enzymes that are responsiblefor the plants immune response, critical to theSAR response.
  • Versatility
    Various plants require different nutritionalcompositions and concentrations for optimumplant response. KeyPlex products are specificallydesigned to meet the needs of various plantspecies. KeyPlex products are liquids allowing foreasy dilution and use. They have been designed towork at most pH ranges and water qualities, andtheir unique formulation gives the user the optionof applying KeyPlex as a foliar spray or to the soilvia drip irrigation.

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